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Health Habits 7-week online course

Healthy Habits

7-week Course

This 7- week healthy habits course is perfect for you if:

  • You're always confused about this whole health thing and just want to know the basics so you can get started.


  • You're tired of dieting and want a SUSTAINABLE lifestyle that will last.


  • You're ready to finally kick your sugar habit & start losing the belly fat.

  • You're ready to make a change and get your life back!

pic of course topics- meal prepping, detox, pantry list, food diary, suggested meals, recipe guide and health living for the busy person bonus guide

Sustainable Health

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If you're tired of the fad diets. You're in the right place! I believe in sustainable health that is easy to maintain. You ever wonder why you can't ever keep the weight off? 

Because you can't be on a diet forever! That's why learning the fundamentals of living healthy and taking actionable steps every week to incorporate what you have learned is going to not only help you to lose weight but it will help you keep it off because you'll finally UNDERSTAND what you're doing instead of just following something someone told you that may not even be right for your body. 

During this course you will:

This course goes through:


  • Clean Eating

  • Balancing Blood Sugar 

  • Exercise & Movement

  • Meal prepping,

  • Sugar 101

  • Stress Management!

  •  PLUS a sugar detox to help you kick the sugar habit for good!

  • With weekly meal plans, pantry list, grocery list and food diaries.



When you purchase you will get a welcome kit with weekly and monthly

meal planners, notes pages and journal pages.

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Visual of course topics

Kick The Sugar Habit

Simple Sustainable Health

Lose weight

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