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Hey Queen!
Are you ready for your Glow -up?

Are you ready to ditch the destructive habits and be healthy in a natural , sustainable way?

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This 90-day program is for women who are ready to take control of their health through intuitive eating, holistic nutrition and connecting with their bodies  Why? Because deprivation and starvation is not a healthy way to take control of your health.

Getting healthy shouldn't be something you dread doing! The over-abundance of information, the idea of giving up all the foods you love in another diet that doesn't' last... it's enough to make anyone run for the hills!  If you hate doing something, you're not going to do it.

Intuitive eating is a way of eating foods that make your body feel good and gives you energy without deprivation and unhealthy diet habits. Intuitive eating helps to improve your gut health, giving you relief from many different symptoms, including weight-gain, belly bloat, fatigue etc...


I will show you how intuitive eating can increase your energy & positively affect EVERY aspect of your life.


I'll show you how to listen to your body, and break through self-limiting beliefs so that you can live a happy, healthy, energetic life!


I help you take a seemingly huge goal and break it down into bite-size chunks by creating small, actionable steps to move you forward without overwhelm AND without having to give up all of the things that make life fun.

Together we will move through your shadows so that you can power through life as an empowered badass who accepts chaos & moves through it with mindfulness.

Bonuses if you enroll before June 1st! 

You'll receive $150 off if you enroll before June1st, Plus my 90-day Journey Journal, a tote and a full-color Sustainable Health Nutrition guide FREE complete with recipes, grocery list, meal planner, gratitude journal and so much more. 

Have you participated in my group coaching? Receive $150 off my 90-day program AND if you pay in full- you'll get ANOTHER $150 off enrollment!

" Now, I'm listening to my body on what types of food it "likes" or "doesn't like". I'm feeling better, I lost over 8 lbs during the cleanse and another 3.5 lbs since, bc I've learned to listen to what my body needs!" - Mary

coaching-program Health-coach nutritionist holistic southfield-twp-michigan bloomfield-hills-michigan ann-arbor-michigan

"I'm learning to establish a relationship with food that I can be proud of to lose some weight and feel better. I have a hormonal imbalance and chronic pain, she's even been able to help me with what foods can aid in my digestion and relief."


Image by Ryan Moreno

A proven system to help you improve your gut health, break through limiting beliefs and create a sustainably healthy life you love in 90 days by being supported & held accountable to follow through in a way you never have before.

  • Learn to listen to your body & create a healthy connection to food.

  • Identify & ditch destructive eating patterns, while learning to eat for YOUR unique body & INCREASING your energy.

  • Improve your gut health, giving you relief from digestive upset, bloating and countless other symptoms. 

  • Lose weight NATURALLY without deprivation through intuitive eating.

  • Release limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in the same cycle you've been in for years. 

  • Begin to shift your mindset toward your body from shame to love & appreciation.

  • And above all, begin feeling CONFIDENT in your body and in your life being the Goddess you've always been. 

Are you tired of feeling exhausted and uncomfortable in your body?

Imagine finally being able to be live healthy, to not feel bloated and uncomfortable, to be able to lose weight without stressing over everything you eat and get control over your health? What if you could feel confident in your skin and power through life without getting in your own way, and show the world the fierceness inside you?

  • Twelve weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, with me, Each week dedicated to a new topic to heal and balance your gut and help you learn the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Nutritional assessment (bonus)

  • Exclusive digital guidebook/welcome packet to give you the resources to be successful.\

  • 21-Day Total Body Reset to help find foods causing inflammation in your body.

  • Full color Sustainable Health Nutrition guide to help you expand your food vocabulary so you can find healthy foods you love. (bonus)

  • 4-day energy experiment to learn how to eat for you unique body.

  • Customized weekly action steps to help you follow-through in a way you never have before.

  • Continuous support between sessions because life doesn't happen at appointed times.

You get all this for $2,395!

And don't forget if you enroll before June 1st you get $150 off!

Q & A

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What is a Strategy call?

This is a 50-ish min video chat session dedicated totally to you where we get to know each other. We will discuss your goals, what's been stopping you from reaching your goals, and see if what I have to offer will actually help you. I do NOT work with every person or invite every person into the VIP program. If I don't believe that I can help you or that it would not be a good fit, I will tell you and refer you to other resources or possibly another coach. No point in wasting time and money! I truly care and want you to get the best experience possible.

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes! of course! You can put a $350 non-refundable deposit down and split the payments up. 

I also accept PayPal credit (6 months no interest to pay) and AfterPay (up to 12 months no interest) as well as other payment options.

I try to work with you to make sure you get what you need to succeed so talk to me, let's work out the details.

How do the coaching sessions work if I'm out of state?

My services are all virtual! You will receive a unique video chat link that you will log in to every week for our session. This makes it much more convenient for the busy women trying to get s***t done! 

Do you offer refunds?

You have 24 hours for a deposit refund- After that, unfortunately there are no refunds. This is to ensure that you don't give up on yourself if/when sessions get difficult.

What if I fail or it doesn't work?

My job as your coach and your accountability partner is to meet you where you are and help set you up for inevitable success. Even 1 inch forward is a step forward! As long as you put in the work and give the same energy into the process as I'm putting in, you WILL succeed. So, with all the love and respect, if you are not ready to put in the work, don't waste your money. 

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, I do not accept insurance at this time, though, some clients have been able to successfully use their HSA to pay for coaching services.

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