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I'll help you improve your gut health and breakthrough limiting beliefs so you can get your energy back, shed weight naturally and have the confidence to live a life you DESERVE.

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Does it feel like you've tried everything to "feel better"?​

Lemme guess...

  • You've been starving yourself and working out like crazy.

  • You're too exhausted to play with your kids after work.

  • You're bloated and bogged down all the time with the worst tummy issues!

  • You brush away compliments from your "person" because you don't believe them.

  • You're tired of not being the social butterfly you used to be because your confidence is shot.

  • You've tried it all but you just feel like crap.

Well if you're ready to...

  • Come out of hiding and try a natural way to take back control of your health.

  • Be healthy in a way that empowers you rather than deprives you.

  • Breakthrough the barriers stopping you from feeling energetic and healthy.

  • Not feel bogged down every time you eat, bloated no matter what you eat.

  • Have your confidence back and feel empowered to be your true self...​

Then you're in the right place! Pick your path below!

I'm a women's holistic wellness coach specializing in intuitive eating for gut health, limiting beliefs & empowerment.  I work with women struggling with digestive issues like belly bloat, unexplained weight-gain and fatigue and are sick of feeling exhausted and uncomfortable in their own skin.

I help women connect to & understand their bodies, and learn to eat in a healthy, sustainable way so they can improve their digestive health naturally, increase their energy, shed a few lbs and regain their confidence!

There was a time where I really needed to take back control of my mental and physical health. I had some major stomach issues due to anxiety and not eating. I was in a toxic relationship and felt stuck. I was going through depression, anxiety, unhealthy weight loss, negative self-talk... you know, all the crazy! 

Taking control of my physical health was how I was able to take back control of my mental health, and because my health was the only thing I felt like I could control, I became obsessed!

It was so empowering to take control!!

Once I was out of my toxic environment, my anxiety went away. I started out small, making myself eat healthy foods, in small portions of course, until my appetite started to come back. I started getting my energy back and found I wanted to exercise and move my body. Once I started feeling better physically, I started to look within, and started dealing with my own shadows. There's a lot in the timeline to bring you current, but that was the start of my wellness journey and why I want to help YOU.

As a certified health & life coach, holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher and heart warrior I empower women and help them transform their lives so they can become the best version of themselves.

It's my hope to empower as many women as possible so that strong, independent, fierce women become the norm and not the exception.

alyssa martinez

"I'm learning to establish a relationship with food that I can be proud of to lose some weight and feel better.


I have a hormonal imbalance and chronic pain, she's even been able to help me with what foods can aid in my digestion and relief."

Alyssa helped me so much! She has taught me how to listen to my body when it tells me what it needs. She has also helped me to start loving myself again. Before her, going into a lake-side restaurant straight form boat in my swimsuit & my wrap would have been a nightmare come true, but I did it! AND took a full body picture with a friend & actually liked it!

I'm listening to my body on what types of food it "likes" or "doesn't like". I'm feeling better, I lost over 8 lbs during the cleanse and another 3.5 lbs since, bc I've learned to listen to what my body needs!

But what is even better is the confidence I have gained!!! I'm so glad I did this with her, I learned so much and it was the change I needed!


TUESDAY-FRIDAY: Virtual hours

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