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You may not care enough to lose weight...

This is may be an unpopular opinion but one reason you may not be sticking to your weight-loss plan is you. just. don't. care. enough.

Now, I know that may seem really harsh, but let me explain.

Health is more than just losing weight. Weight-loss is about more than just the surface.

When you say you want to lose weight but you don't really know why you want to lose weight than you have nothing to anchor you to your goals and keep you motivated.

For instance, you saying, "oh I want to lose weight so I can look cute again at the beach"... honestly that really isn't gonna cut it. Lol Bc REALLY you probably don't care THAT much about it and what those people think.

But saying, "I want to lose weight so I feel more confident at the beach and have enough energy to run around and play with

What's Your Why

my children." Now, THAT has more weight to it.

  • Making memories with your kids

  • Being able to run around pain free

  • Have the energy you want/need to keep up with them

  • And have the confidence in yourself to run around with them in a swimsuit...

are all reason that will keep you committed, and motivated to follow through. Your children are your BIG MOFA, your big motivating factor, your "why".

That's why you start off great, sticking to a certain plan and then a week later, you say, "meh, I like food more than I want to look cute on the beach."

But guess what, you're definitely NOT going to say, "meh, I like food way more than I want to spend time with my kids." That's just not going to happen. Find your "why".

So, what is YOUR "why" underneath the "why"?

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