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What story are you playing out?

What kind of limiting beliefs are you telling yourself?

Are you saying things like, " There's no way I'm leaving the house without makeup on! I look terrible without makeup!"

or maybe,

"My grandma was (insert limiting belief: overweight/poor/depressed), my mom was (XYZ) , that must mean I am pre-determined to be XYZ as well and there is nothing I can do about it because that's just how it is."

Although there is some science behind weight and genetics, it's definitely NOT 100% your destiny.

What really matters is how bad you want your desired outcome and what you're gonna do to work for what you want.

The story's that you tell yourself have a huge impact on what you accomplish and how you feel about yourself in your day-to-day life. When you tell yourself that there is nothing you ca do about your circumstances than you give up. In reality you just haven't found the right way to get to your desired outcome.

When you tell yourself you aren't good enough to do something, you are exactly right. You are always winning the game you're playing. You subconsciously will do everything you can to prove yourself right. If something goes wrong, " see, I knew it wouldn't work." If you don't succeed the 1st time, " See, I knew I would suck, why did I even try?"

Tell yourself the story that is going to propel you in a positive direction weather it's to breakthrough the scarcity pattern in your family, lose the weight, try something new, or go outside with your bare, beautiful face with no shame. Think about the story you're telling yourself and WHY?

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