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What is your food story?

A lot of times we have unconscious, pre-programmed thoughts, feelings and beliefs toward foods. These thoughts, feelings or beliefs may have begun in adolescence or as dieting became a normal constant in your life.

Some people still hold the belief that you have to clear your plate before you leave the table. This obviously coming from childhood when we were told to eat what we were given.

Now, it wasn't meant to be harmful so if you still hold that belief, don't be too hard on yourself. One of the things that can help with that is to not fill your plate so that you don't overeat by finishing it.

Another belief that many people have is that a certain food group is "bad". For example, "carbs make you fat." or "I'm trying to lose weight, I can't have any fat."

The truth is no one food group is inherently good or bad.

What are some food restrictions YOU put on yourself? And what are the emotions or feelings you have behind them?

Take a minute to write down 1 or 2 that come to your mind. Sometimes we don't even realize we have these and how much of an impact it has on us and our day to day lives. Writing it out on paper can help you to get some clarity about what your food restrictions are, where they came from, and if they are actually serving you.

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