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How to get your energy UNSTUCK

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Let's face it, sometimes it's hard to get healthy. We feel stuck, unmotivated, we don't know where exactly to start. Here are 4 ways to help you to get your energy unstuck.

  1. Move: You have to get your body moving. Energy gets stuck when you are too sedentary. So MOVE! Start small if you have to. Do some light exercise such as stretches, jumping jacks, air squats go for a walk. Anything to get your body moving and the energy flowing. You'll find that once you start moving your energy starts to flow.

  2. Declutter: Sometimes we start to accumulate … stuff. Stuff we don't need, stuff that gets in the way and makes our space feel heavy. Try getting rid of old stuff. Pick a space in your house or room to declutter so it doesn't feel so intense. Clear out your closet and take stuff to the Goodwill. Clean and organize your cupboards and get rid of doubles, Tupperware with no lids, dishes you don't use. Clear off a counter, make space to be able to cook a meal. It feels better energetically when our space is clear and we can move about freely.

  3. Let go of fear: Fear makes you stay in your current mindset or circumstances and it keeps your energy revolving around the same thing. Try sitting down and writing down what it is you're afraid of. Why are you afraid? Where did this fear come from, where is it rooted?

  4. Change one daily habit: Sometimes the fear of making big changes keeps you from making any changes at all. Start with a small daily habit to change. Create a new habit every week to incorporate. It doesn't have to be major changes. Making small changes adds up to a big change.

You can move your body even if youre a busy mom.
Even busy moms can get moving.

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