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Have you been feeling really burnt out?

Updated: Feb 19

If you have been feeling burnt out lately... Well, it might be because you have been spending too much in your masculine energy.

The masculine energy is defined by logic, action, you're goal oriented, you're assertive and dominant.

Feminine energy is giving, nurturing, it's being vulnerable, and feeling everything.

Everyone has masculine AND feminine energy within them. At any given time you are in one or the other a little more. The problem comes when you are in one for an extended period of time, you then become imbalanced.

For women, being in your masculine energy for way too long can make you feel that dreaded burnout. You're constantly making those decisions from work, kids.. life. You're always figuring out your goals for the day, month, year and being assertive to get those things done. Awesome! You're feeling good being a badass getting shit done, and then


You crash. Exhausted and totally drained.

I get it!

So how can you avoid this? No one wants to get to that point, it's not fun and it keeps us from getting things done.

You know when you start feeling tired, when you feel like, " wow, I'm starting to feel kind of rundown."

When you get this feeling, THIS! THIS is when you need to stop and take a breath and get in touch with your feminine energy.

Sleepy, burnt out

Here are 6 ways you can get in touch with your feminine:

  1. Reflect: Sometimes we get so busy that we rarely take time to listen to what is going on inside us. We're always going, going, going & being extroverted. So take the time to look within. Talk to a therapist or start journaling to get in touch with the deeper feelings and don't be afraid of what comes up.

  2. Go into nature: Forests, bodies of water, parks, all flow with natural feminine energy. Go to wherever resonates with you and take a walk, breathing in the fresh air, playing in the water. You might even bring your journal and get inspired to get creative.

  3. Get creative: Being creative can be writing, dancing, singing, painting or even dreaming up new ideas.

  4. Hone your emotional expression: Feminine energy is expressed through emotions. We all have emotional selves, just some of us have not been taught how to understand our feelings. You can learn how to understand your feelings if, you are confused about them. Getting yourself some self help books on just this topic or (Get ready for a shameless plug lmao.) you can get yourself a hand-dandy wellness coach to support you and show you how to understand and connect with your emotional state.

  5. Value spontaneity and play: We don't always take the vacations we wish we could take. We are constantly working. Start to prioritize your downtime, a mini vacation can be just an hour of reading, doing yoga, stretching, or even getting a hotel room for the night just to feel like your away and you can de-stress.

  6. Transform: Being in your feminine yes, can be the quiet and rejuvenating but it is also about being bold. If things in your life are not going how you want them, change! It is the feminine energy that surges to make a change. Sometimes this can be scary if the change is dramatic but you must get rid of the old to make room for the new. We would become stagnant without the movement of feminine energy.

As you can see there are many ways to get in touch with your feminine energy, so whenever you are feeling stagnant, overworked, fragmented or exhausted, it means that you're in need of some feminine energy to restore and inspire you.

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