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Confused about protein powder?

Updated: Feb 21


So many of my clients are confused about protein powder, so, "What protein powder do you recommend?" is a question I get asked about A LOT and my answer is always, "well it depends!".

I know this can be a little cryptic of an answer but I always explain.

Protein powders are one of my favorite things to tell clients they should have in there kitchen while they are on they're health journey. There is a few reasons for this...

It's convenient and tastes yummy when paired with your favorite fruits, and its an easy way to boost your protein intake, which most women tend to be lacking in.

  • Protein is the KEY macronutrient, ESPECIALLY for women on their wellness journey because as we get older the more difficult it is for women to maintain muscle. Muscle burns fat and gives you the lean, toned look your going for.

  • Protein helps keep you full!

    • When you have a higher protein intake it helps to keep you satiated so that you're less hungry. It takes longer for the body to break down and digest which means a meal with protein will keep you feeling full and keep your cravings at bay.

  • Helps you burn more calories.

    • Protein has a high thermal effect, higher than any other macronutrient, this means that it takes energy, aka calories, to break down food. The body uses about 20-30% of calories from the protein is used to digest it- compared to carbs which only use 5-15%.

  • Helps protect lean muscle mass.

    • Protein helps to maintain your metabolism! When you start to lose weight, you inevitably lose not only fat but muscle as well. So to make sure that your body is burning mostly fat, and protect your muscle, its very important to make sure you're getting enough protein.

So, is protein intake really that important? YES! but what protein is the best?

There are so many different proteins that it can get overwhelming to the point of throwing your hands up ready to give up.

The reason I always tell my clients that "it depends" is because it depends on your preferences and goals.

For example:

I am dairy free, so I would want a plant-based protein, I also do not like flavored proteins so I use unflavored and unsweetened so that I only taste my fruit in my smoothie and I can add the protein powder to other foods, such as my morning oatmeal. I also use a pea protein rather than a hemp or other plant based because pea protein has a more grams of protein per scoop.

If you drink dairy, you might prefer a whey protein, if you like the flavors maybe you choose a chocolate- If you are a heavy weight lifter, maybe you get a protein that has creatine and or extra amino acids. If you are not a heavy lifter and are just trying to increase your intake, then all that extra stuff is not as important.

As for the brand, doing your research to make sure whatever you choose is good quality is important.

This is why my answer is always, "it depends". So if you are in search of a protein, take everything you've read and make a decision based on what fits your lifestyle best. If you would like more personalized help on this topic as well as your nutrition you can always schedule a 60-min nutrition coaching session with me to discuss it and create a plan of action for you to be able to reach your health goals.

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