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Eating Acai

Welcome to the

30-Day Gut Fix
Group Coaching

Women Only

Enroll for April 17th program below

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In this program you will ...

  • Start healing your gut health improve your digestive and immune system, which means saying goodbye to bloating, IBS, fatigue, headaches excessive colds...

  • Learn the correct isles at the grocery store to you stay eating the right foods for YOUR body.

  • What foods are affecting your body, skin and your moods

  • Get connected with like-minded women to help you build a community to stay accountable and inspired!

Why you  need this group coaching program

  • Because you are tired of being bloated and uncomfortable ALL THE TIME.

  • Because you keep trying diet after diet to lose weight & nothing seems to last long term.

  • Because you want to make memories WITH your family instead of "sitting out" from embarrassment and or exhaustion.

  • Because you know you need the accountability that having a coach provides.

  • Because have a community of like-minded women to connect with and share experiences sounds like heaven!

  • Because you have medical issues that might be solved with healing your gut health.

  • Because you're looking for something different that will finally help you to get "unstuck".

  •  Need I say more?... Enroll below.

What’s Included:

  • 30-Day Gut Fix Guide

  • Recipe Guides (Omnivore & Vegan)

  • Suggested Meals & Shopping Guide

  •  Weekly Workbooks

  • Weekly Live Accountability Coaching

  • Food Allergy & Sensitivity Guide

  • 30-Day Calendar to stay focused and track progress

  • Food Diary to keep notes on how foods affect you

  • Access to group chat to connect, share experiences, and stay accountable. 

  • Session replays

  • Support between sessions to keep you accountable, and coach you through any obstacles that may arise.

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How are weekly coaching sessions conducted?

This program is done through a Skype video chat room.

We will be meeting weekly for accountability and you will have access to the group chat to connect with your group members. This helps to create community and connection to help with follow through. 

Time for weekly sessions is a tentative 12-1:30 pm EST and will be recorded and sent to each person. 

Details will be sent to each person 24-hours upon enrollment. 

How much is my investment in myself?

  • $395.00 secures your seat!

  • Spots are limited to ensure that you get the attention you deserve.


  • It's so much more fun with a friend! Refer-a-friend and you BOTH get $25 off your enrollment! 

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Are you in need of a way to get your digestive health under control to find a way to really learn how to heal your gut in a sustainable way but get a little anxious at the thought of a full 90-days? ​ Does the idea of a group of women, all on the same wellness journey, coming together to, not only learn, but to support and inspire each other seem intriguing to you? ​ I've got you! My 30-Day Gut Fix group coaching program is for you if you are tired of the digestive issues, are looking for a way to get your health under control and would love to connect with women with the same challenges. ​ This is for you if you want to start, but don't want to do it alone, if you want to tiptoe into coaching but aren't ready for a full 90-days. Curious yet? Click below for more info.

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